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Build your own custom serverServers are ready for deployment within two days.

Dedicated plan
Intel Xeon w3550 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 12 GB (DDR4) 2 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited $64
Intel Xeon w3550 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 24 GB (DDR4) 4 x 500 GB SATA + 80 SSD Unlimited $110
Intel Xeon w3550 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 64 GB (DDR4) 6 x 500 GB SATA + SSD Unlimited $185
Intel Xeon w3550 4 x 3.06 GHZ +HT 256 GB (DDR4) 10 x 500 GB SATA Unlimited $223

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Money Back Guarantee, Free Migration, Website Security, Best Performance Dedicated Server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At least we have 4 reasons to choose ElySpace Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Servers – In this type of hosting, a Linux Server is divided into several parts and each part acts as a different server, each server has some limited resources given. In this, the VPS administrator has root access to his VPS and can then host single or many websites according to his need.

Dedicated Server – In this type of hosting, a whole server is rented to the user, who can host a large website on this server or can use it to host multiple websites in this server, the server admin can create multiple VPS. Cost of dedicated hosting is much higher and it requires a server admin to manage this type of hosting

it’s very simple: select any package which suits your requirements, then configure it, or leave it on our team they will install it for you, you have just ordered any dedicated plan.

offers custom dedicated servers from quality brands for a competitive price which you can configure to your needs.
You will be given root access to the dedicated server once payment has been received and our engineers have setup the server to your requirements.

yes, you can use your dedicated server to sell hosting but need technical knowledge to maintain it and support your clients. you can host website as much you want by installing any web hosting control penal example WHM, Centos Web Penal, DirectAdmin etc

Not for small websites, but if your business is large and has huge traffic then you need a dedicated server. for blogging website or small shop websites dedicated is not required where you can use shared or VPS with low cost.

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